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How to build big brands on small budgets

Delve into the world of brand performance and its distinction from performance marketing, exploring the positioning process (4Cs) and the significance of creating future demand. Listen


Why most brands fail to grow

Everyone wants to build a big brand (go big or go home, right?), but few marketers actually manage to do it. So what’s the secret? Read more


How to Beat Big Brands Using a Small Marketing Budget

In this episode, Ian explains how big brands succeed by targeting both current and future customers, ensuring they maintain consistent demand for their products. Listen


Improve marketing performance with brand salience

How important is it that your brand comes to mind first when people think of products like yours? In this discussion with Ian Barnard we find out the difference it makes, and how to make that happen. Listen

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Measuring Marketing Strategy

Ian shares stories on how clients have succeeded, and failed, with marketing strategy, the differences between B2B and B2C marketing, and some real advice on how to take your strategy from flab to fabulous. Listen


Measuring awareness

We take a deep dive into measuring awareness and salience. What tools and techniques to use, what to be mindful of, and a lot more. Listen

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"Basically, everything we do has to entertain and sell..."

Talking ads and humour with Ian Barnard, a leading strategist at the Creative Business Company. Read more

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