I build strategies, websites, and campaigns that sell more stuff. 

 "That's a lot of sales Jim..." 

This is me

A marketer that understands people and code. I build brand strategies and create websites and online campaigns that sell more, to more people, for more money. Unique  MBA-level training  in Marketing and Brand Management.

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Sell more, to more people, for more money.

Marketing can sometimes feel a little "wishy-washy"...

  • Are your advertising campaigns increasing sales and brand awareness?

  • What do people really think about your brand?

  • Are you spending your budget wisely?

I believe these questions shouldn't be difficult to answer.

My speciality is creating integrated brand plans that remove the uncertainty and guesswork around marketing and budgeting.


I can help you:

Clearly understand your market

Through market research, you will get a clear picture of how your brands are performing in the market versus competitors, and see your market segmented based on relevant buying behaviour. You will also understand what makes people buy your brands over others, and what you need to focus on in order to gain market share.


Optimize for long & short-term growth

Based on the diagnosis, I’ll identify each brand’s most profitable market segments that have the largest opportunity for growth. You will have a clear understanding of who we are targeting, and why. You will have measureable long-term and short-term objectives for each brand, along with how much incremental revenue they are expected to deliver each year.


Build effective (profitable) campaigns

You’ll have a full overview of all the tactics chosen to achieve each strategic objective. Tactics will have clear product positioning statements which I’ll use to brief your agencies when creating campaigns and initiatives. You’ll be able to see and approve all tactical costs before each fiscal year begins, including agency fees, campaign costs, and expected return on investment.

How to Avoid

7 Common Marketing Mistakes

This short guide, based on my own mistakes, will help you create successful online marketing campaigns and web content.

You will learn how to:

1. Create the perfect digital ad

2. Avoid the cardinal sin of web design (that kills conversions)

3. Stop wasting time measuring things that don't matter

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